How we used flexible staffing to integrate new methodology into life insurance technology.

The backstory

A top life insurance and financial services provider in the United States wanted to develop a new funds management platform for their customers. In doing so, they didn’t want to disrupt the customer experience. Rather, they wanted to add a layer of complex technology into their offering that would seamlessly integrate into the user interface improving the customer experience.

As part of this project, they would need to train their IT department on a new methodology for managing projects, while also training them on new tech. In short, they needed two teams: a short term team and a long term team.

That’s where we came in.

Our part in the story

When this company approached us with their project, we leveraged our team staffing experience to quickly illustrate to them that, in hiring us, they would be getting a partner that would hire and manage a team of consultants who would:

1) bring in the new technology.

2) show them agile project management.

3) teach the new methodology within their company so that they could own the critical system going forward.

How the story ended

We were hired as a strategic staffing partner to lead the project. As part of a hybrid approach, we brought in a team of expert IT consultants to work directly with the company’s in-house team on the new methodology.

Our team of consultants developed the new system and guided implementation of it.

The new technology was seamlessly integrated with their legacy applications and a new funds management platform was rolled out.

When the project was over — roughly 18 months later, we transitioned a few key people to employment with the partner and the rest of our team of consultants off the project, and the company was able to maintain their new system.

How can we help?

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